Microsoft Flow Workshop

Microsoft Flow Workshop


About this course

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This workshop provides students with the knowledge and skills to create and maintain any kind of workflow using Microsoft Flow, going from the most basic concepts to the advanced ones to solve any kind of automation problem.


Using a learning by doing methodology during the training and using some real case problems, students will strengthen their knowledge about the matter.





Course outline

1. General overview of Microsoft Flow. 

a) General concepts. 

b) Flow types. 

c) Triggers and actions. 

d) Using templates. 

e) Flow licenses types. 


2. Creating and editing Flows. 

a) Triggers configuration.

b) Actions configuration. 

c) Using control commands. 

d) Error management. 

e) Working with variables. 


3. Approval workflows. 

a) Overview.

b) Approval types. 

c) Configuration and administration. 


4. Administration. 

a) Security and permissions. 

b) Connections configuration. 

c) Export and import flows. 

d) Flow execution history. 


5. Using patterns. 

a) Error management. 

b) Connected flows. 

c) State machine.