Microsoft PowerApps Workshop

Microsoft PowerApps Workshop

About this course

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This workshop provides students with the knowledge and skills to create and maintain any kind of application using Microsoft PowerApps, from the most basic to the most difficult.


Using a learning by doing methodology during the training and using some real case problems, students will strengthen their knowledge about the matter.





Course outline

1. General overview of Microsoft PowerApps. 

a) General concepts. 

b) Data source types. 

c) Using templates. 

d) Introduction to the Common Data Service. 

e) Application types: Canvas and Model Driven. 


2. Creating Canvas applications. 

a) Creating an application from any data source. 

b) Creating an empty application. 

c) Using component. 

d) Link management. 

e) Microsoft Flow integration. 

f) Versioning and publishing. 


3. Creating Model Driven applications. 

a) Overview.

b) Data modelling. 

c) Process definition. 

d) Microsoft Flow integration. 

e) Publishing. 


4. Administration. 

a) Environment management. 

b) Connections and data gateways. 

c) Security and permissions.