Personal productivity with Microsoft Office 365

Personal productivity with Microsoft Office 365

About this course

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This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to improve the efficiency of their daily tasks by learning some concepts and the tools needed to apply them easily, including aspects like communication, information organization and tasks management.


Using a learning by doing methodology during the training and using some real case problems, students will strengthen their knowledge about the matter.





Course outline

1. Email management with Microsoft Outlook.

a) Introduction.

b) Inbox organization.

c) Customization.

d) Email management with rules and categories.

e) Using search.


2. Document management with Microsoft OneDrive for Business

a) Introduction.

b) Document organization. 

c) Coauthoring and sharing option. 

d) Versioning and recycle bin usage. 

e) Device synchronization. 


 3. Meetings management with Microsoft Teams. 

a) Introduction.

b) Start a chat, call or videocall. 

c) Call and videocall configuration. 

d) How to create meeting requests. 


4. Tasks management with Microsoft To-Do. 

a) Introduction.

b) How to create and edit tasks. 

c) Using lists and “My day”.